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No Active Subscription (Pulling my hair out!)


No Active Subscription (Pulling my hair out!)

I've spent almost 10 hours on to web chat to trying to sort out issues with my account and still haven't resolved it.


Issue :

  • I was on prepay
  • My3 account showed my prepay phone
  • I switched to billpay
  • My3 shows no active subsciprtion
  • I have received a bill via e-mail noting to pay via My3 account
  • I can login in but I have no way of paying any bill as I have no account listed

I can't keep spending hours on web chat trying to sort out this problem which has to be on 3's end. My phone is working fine. My account is logging in fine. Just nothing there when I log in.




3 Moderator

@coffeykp Hiya, are you logged into the My3 app or website? If the app do you have the new My3 app downloaded? If you're logging into the website have you cleared the cookies/cache or logged in using a different browser/device?

Logging in with browser is fine - I can log in with Firefox and Chrome. It just tells me that there is no subscription with my account, which isn't correct as I'm on 3 billpay.


Phone app doesn't work with same username and password. This isn't unexpected if I don't have a subscription linked to my account.

@coffeykp thanks for the above information. When you can, can you send me a PM with your full name, mobile number, email address, home address and date of birth please so I can access your account?