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'No service' in Australia


'No service' in Australia

I'm in Australia with an iPhone 4 and an Irish phone number I use when in Ireland. I last used the phone there in October 2019. It has credit on it. The phone or its SIM card can find no service so I cannot use it. What can I do to restore service? I really want to keep the number associated with the SIM card.


You need to top up every 180 days and make a charge able action on the account I.e. Send a text for the number to remain active.


Send a pm to a mod with your details and they should be able to re activate your sim card

Thank you so much for your answer. I did not top up because there is still EU16 credit on the phone. I did not use the phone in any way since October 2019. What can I do to activate it so that I can keep the same number?

Thank you very much for your answer. I’m sorry but I don't understand it. ‘Pm’ = personal message; ‘mod’ = ?

Hi Debby, can you send me a private message with your mobile number, address, date of birth and we'll check this out for you. 

Thank you. I have sent a message. I hope you got it.
3 Community Manager

@Debby Hi there, we've looked for you PM and there is no sight of it yet. Usually, SIM cards become inactive or cancelled when there is no activity for 6 months or so. Previously we would be able to reactivate from our side but not anymore. You've mentioned that the SIM is in an iPhone 4, have you tried the SIM in a different phone? Was your iPhone in the middle of an update?  

Sorry. It turns out I don’t know how to send a PM. I tried. What or where do I click on to send a PM? Thanks for keeping in touch.

see Getting Started on 3Community on how to send a pm