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Never iron a four leaf clover

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Never iron a four leaf clover

Never iron a four leaf clover because you don’t want to press your luck. Hahaha ☘️


Saint Patrick’s Day, when Irish all round the world celebrate their Irishness and many non-Irish take part in the craic agus ceol too. You know, all are welcome, type attitude 😂


The Mod team are going green, everywhere that’s possible. We’ve started with our phones; I had a look around PlayStore and found a few apps that are fun.  (Photo frames, screensavers, wallpapers and more)

Here are our screenshots 👇















The obvious next step is changing the wallpaper on our work computers/laptops. It’s refreshing to have a different background, although , I must say, we had to put in a request to our IT department to have them changed, but we did it!


Following on from this idea, all our emails and MS teams communications are going to have a Green themed look, whether it’s a gif or changing font colour. We’re all for it. It was voted in that we all should wear something green for our video calls/meetings or change the background to something like our above screenshots.


Another idea was to bring the outside “green” to your workspace whether at home or in the office. I’ve gathered a few leafy plants and flowers around my desk. Hmmm, I believe this is going to become a permanent feature!


What are you doing to celebrate the 17th? Let us know in the comments below ☘️