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Pssst! I heard a rumour

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Pssst! I heard a rumour

Not quite a rumour anymore though 😎


Over the last few days some of you might have noticed some changes to your options in My3 under “manage services” 👇 Subscriptions 




Maybe you've passed by a 3Store and peeped in the window or you’ve made an appointment for a face-to-face visit book here . Perhaps something caught your eye, like it did mine 👇 (I'm not the best at taking photos)




Or you’ve seen @billbond4 reply on Love my Kindle Paperwhite ?


All I can say is, watch out for full details in our 3MadeEasy board in the next day or two 💪❤️


@RainbowRuth @iPhoneuser @dakaryellow 



Is there not an issue with some Amazon prime services and brexit?

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@RainbowRuth Great question and I'm able to put your mind at ease here. Brexit affects custom duty fees on delivered items, not online services such as Music, Video, and eBooks/Audiobooks 👌


@Three_Deborah Does this affect the current prepay plan, for example does it upgrade/move you to one of the new plans or is it purely just an add-on to the current plan with no adverse side effects?

@dakaryellow Hi there 👋 These subscriptions are available on a lot of our plans, not all of them though. If you see the option to add them in My3 then your plan is compatible and won't change if you apply the subscription. If you don't see the option in My3 you may need to change the plan before applying the subscription. Do you know which plan you're on? I'll be happy to check if it's compatible 😁



@Three_Laur Perfect, I see it as an option in My3 but just wanted to be sure I wouldn't lose the benefits of my current plan (3Pay), thanks!

@dakaryellow You're good to go on 3Pay, happy browsing 😁