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Tronsmart Apollo Q10 announced


Tronsmart Apollo Q10 announced

Tronsmart’s New Apollo Q10 - the First Over-Ear Hybrid ANC Headphones


In July of this year, Tronsmart had released the first hybrid ANC earbuds – Apollo Bold, which was widely acclaimed in the market. As Forbes said, ‘’If foregoing a famous brand name isn’t an issue for you, these earbuds deserve to be on your shortlist.  ‘’

Today, Tronsmart makes a step forward and releases their first over-ear hybrid ANC headphones – Apollo Q10. Will the Apollo Q10 be as high-quality as Bold? Read on to check it out!




Premium Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling – Immerse in Music

Designed with hybrid (Feedforward & Feedback) noise cancelling technology, Apollo Q10 can cancel all-frequency noise to provide you with 360° immersive listening while most of the headphones in the market are equipped with only feedforward or feedback noise cancelling which can only cancel noise from wide frequency or short frequency. Apollo Q10 can cancel up to 35 dB of noise distinguish from ordinary brands that reduce 25-28dB of noise. Together with 5 microphones, it also offers you a crystal-clear call.



40 mm Dynamic Neodymium Speaker – Hear Every Detail

Well-designed with a 40 mm dynamic driver, Apollo Q10 delivers every detail of the sound. You won’t miss any detail of your music, giving you the best audio experience.



Up to 100 Days Listening – Unstoppable Music

Apollo Q10 offers you up to 100-hour playtime with the patented power-saving technology while Apple AirPods Max can only provide 20 hours playtime. If you use it for one hour a day, you can listen for 100 days with no worries of the battery running out.




Three Modes for Different Usage Scenarios – Seamless Interaction with Your Surroundings

You could switch three modes including ANC mode, music mode and ambient mode for different usage scenarios. Press and hold the touch panel for 3 seconds to switch to ambient mode, which allows you to interact with the outside environment keeping you safe.



360° Foldable Design - Ultra-Portable

Apollo Q10 is delicately designed with rotatable ear cups and adjustable headband, which means that you could effortlessly place the headphones in your bag. It’s a great partner to take with you when going out.



Multifunctional Touch Control – More Convenient 

Apollo Q10 uses intuitive touch panel for most of the function which frees you from the troublesome button control. It’s more convenient and won't cause an interruption to your listening experience.



Smart APP Control – Customizable Control & Sound

With the support of Tronsmart APP, you can not only customize the touch control but also the equalizer including deep bass, HI-FI, and vocal to meet your own needs.




In conclusion, Tronsmart Apollo Q10 providing superb hybrid active noise cancelling, 100-hour playtime and other high-quality features is the best choice of Apple AirPods Max lookalikes for you. More details>>