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How do you do yours?

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How do you do yours?

Let’s face it, Ireland is a multi-national, multi-cultural country, just like your 3Community. We have so many community members from different parts of the world, and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I’m rightly curious about what you are going to cook over the 24th, 25th, and 26th and tips for cooking over the Christmas period.


Every year up to this one, I celebrated the 24th of December with some good friends of mine. It’s all the fish dish, yummy potato salad and oooooohhh the little Christmas cakes/biscuit.  Then on the 25th with my family, of course, we go all out with a traditional turkey and ham dinner. I just love fried Brussels sprouts. Don’t know about you but on the 26th, any leftovers are thrown in pot, covered with puff pastry and baked in a pie. Or do you eat good aul turkey and ham sandwiches for days?  For a few years there, on the evening of the 26th we had tea and baklava with my neighbours. Tastes of the world 🗺


Some tips for Christmas cooking

  • Remember the shops are only closed for two days. Buy what you need.
  • Cook enough for 2 extra guests that way you won’t end up cooking for a small army.
  • If you haven’t pre-ordered your turkey, ham, or fish have a look at your 3Plus local offers. Being based in Limerick, I have a local offer for a local gourmet butcher.
  • You can break from tradition and make your own. Why not make a vegetarian dish, go hiking ( if COVID-19 restrictions allow) or have a winter bbq
  • The best tips I’m giving you are: get somebody else to do the cooking and enjoy whatever you decide to do 💪

Do you have different food/meals as a way of celebrating Christmas or passing the holiday time? We’d love to know 😄


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Yeah pretty much the same as yours.
I love pudding and Christmas cake, I would often be out in the kitchen cleaning up and decide, oh theres half a pudding left and finish it off.
Its only Christmas once, and I asked 🎅 for some new runners so I can work off my Christmas belly

I'm all about the selection boxes for breakfast Christmas morning and turkey and ham with all the trimmings for dinner yummy yummy 😋



Looking forward to eating the Christmas dinner, but not so much the cooking part

If i dont eat my weight in Taytos over christmas I will be doing well

@billbond4 Or the cleaning up afterwards 😮


Oh no you didn't @billbond4 you've mentioned Taytos- now all I want is a Tayto sandwich. The most disgusting but tasty thing in the world. You also publicly announced that you will take up running, oooohhhh, you'll be held accountable 😉 @Three_Laur because of your PS review himself decided he wanted one, and I did a bit of bartering and got myself a dishwasher for Christmas. No wash up 💪