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Use 3 Billing on Tablet


Use 3 Billing on Tablet

I got a message from Three after my scheduled top up today informing me I had quite a lot of credit. I don't use my credit very much and I searched to see if there was a way I could use it without sending texts or making phone calls and I found that I could use it to purchase apps on the Play Store.


The problem is I have an iPhone and iOS does not support 3 Billing. I do, however, have an Acer tablet where I have the Play Store installed. But the issue is the 3 Billing option does not present itself when I try to 'Add A Payment Method'. 


So I'm wondering can I use my credit from my iPhone, which has a 3 SIM, to buy apps on my Acer tablet? 

3 Community Admin

@laurieshy Hi there, Play Store is supported on Android, and our SIMs are for phones and broadband. This means, while your Acer is Android, your phone credit can't be transferred over 🙁

I think if you could get an android phone put your 3 sim into it sign into google with the same username as your tablet and setup 3 as a billing option

Then your android tablet should have the option to use 3 Billing then.