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Hello 3Community members 👋


As this is a forum, we’d ask you to post publicly because other members can help you as they may have been in the same position as you and know a thing or two! In saying that, I think it’s important that you all know who the 3Community Moderators are and what our role on the community is;


All about: What a Moderator does 


We’re here to guide you, make sure that house rules are followed and of course do our best to help you. If you post a topic looking for help and do not receive a reply within 24 hours then one of our 3Moderators may reach out to you.


Without further ado, let’s #MeetTheMods



Name: Laura

Phone: Huawei P30

In 3 words: Friendly, chatty, and family-orientated.

Hobbies/interests: Holidays, Disney, food and did I mention holidays?



Name: Shane

Current phone: Samsung Galaxy S9

In 3 words: Laid back, Friendly, & Organised

Hobbies and Interests: Reading & training (mostly train in Kung Fu & Kickboxing.



Name – Danni

Phone – Huawei P30 Pro

In 3 words – Fun, ambitious and adventurous

Hobbies and Interests – singing, drawing and going on road trips.



Name: Shauna

Current phone: iPhone 8 plus

In 3 words: Sporty, Kind & Caring

Hobbies and Interests: Music, Sports & Watching Netflix


I'm @Three_Deborah I'm the Community Manager. You'll see me from time to time. 

Name: Debs/Deborah

Phone: Samsung Note 10

In 3 words: Energetic, Go-Getter and Adventurous

Hobbies/interests: Travelling, Hiking, Swimming and Food


Thanks for your time folks!