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Can’t make outgoing calls


Can’t make outgoing calls

I just got a new iPhone SE a week ago. Im currently abroad. Today I realized I cant make outgoing calls. It says “dial assist. Call ended”. What is this? Is this because I’m abroad or is it a problem with the phone?

Any help appreciated. I need to get this resolved asap. Thank you
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@H3I Good morning! Do you mind me asking where you're roaming? Dial Assist, as far as I'm aware, puts the international code in front of the number you're dialing but I'm not sure if it works very well outside of the EU. I don't have a great deal of knowledge on it but you can try to turn it off in your settings under "Dial Assist" Try that and then see if you can make an outgoing call. Any issues with incoming?

Ive turned off dial assist and it still says “call ended“ straight away. I’m roaming from Spain
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Okay cool, thanks for trying that 🙂 Are you on a Prepay plan? If so, just make sure you have credit to make calls. How are you entering the number when you're making a call and have you tried a few numbers to test? Incoming working okay for you, have you tested that?

I just did a software update and restarted the phone and now I can make calls as normal. Maybe that was the problem?? Have dial assist off also. Thank you for your help.
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You're welcome 😊 It's always recommended to update to the latest software. Have a great holiday ☀️ ☀️

Hi There,


This seems to be an ongoing issue that is causing unbelievable stress.


Just ported over from Vodafone, but whilst the 3 SIM numbers worked inbound and outbound (Whilst waiting for the port over to occur), as soon as the numbers were ported over, its been a disaster,


The most we can get is that I can receive calls but cant make outbound calls or texts.




@Mark00100 I've replied to your other post 👉 click here , pop me a PM so I can take a look into your account 👍