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iMessage won’t activate on new iPhone.


iMessage won’t activate on new iPhone.


I set up my new iPhone 12 pro max last night. (Purchased direct from Apple).

iMessage is stuck on “waiting for activation...”

I can see through my three account that the phone is sending a message to a 0044 number to activate it. But no joy.

I’ve tried turning phone off and on, turning iMessage off and on, signing out from my Apple ID for iMessage.

Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

Anyone still experiencing issues? Or shall I mark this as solved?

Hi dalk, I’m good now and my friends also reporting issue is fixed for them also. Think it’s good to close. Thanks

Good morning all,


I might have sent a few of you a PM before looking here and before having a meeting with our tech team 😊

Seems you, 3Community members, knew that iMessage was working again before our tech team confirmed it. 

In saying that, there might be a small few of you that are continuing to have difficulties activating iMessage, in this case, send me a PM as it might be an isolated example.


@Dalk I reckon you can go ahead and mark as an accepted solution 


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I have just sent a pm too @Deborah, as my new iPhone is having the same issue since I bought it on 10th Nov. I have contacted 3 several times now at this stage, can somebody review my pm and please revert. Thanks Anita

It isn’t working for me either. 😞 also an iphone 12 pro.

@Florian Good morning, do you have a Billpay or Prepay plan? Can you tell me the name of it too?