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Can not see my invoices in billpay.


Can not see my invoices in billpay.

Hi When I try to view or download my invoices on billpay it just returns to the customer desktop. 

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Hi Tony 👋 We are aware that some account types have been impacted by our recent upgrades to our system. I'd like to check this out and see if that is why you can't view your bills. Are you a business customer? If so, do you know what type of business account it is? 

I am a Business Account User but I have always had to log into My 3 Personal to get my invoices for some reason. Now there seems to be no access to my invoices there either. I need Invoices for my accounts and need this resolved promptly to allow me finish out  year 2019. 



Can you send me a PM with your account details @tonyP and I can send you a copy of the bills you are looking for in the meantime while we work on getting the access back online? 

Hi, me too. Am very unhappy with this change. Are Three going to resume the service that provides my past bills for downloading?

I've had this issue with online since October!!..


Was told the engineers are "working hard" to fix this. its a joke, If it took me 4 months to fix somthing I'd be sacked a long time ago.


Its typical three, worst customer service imaginable...

Same here...have not been able to access for several months and the same story about technicians working on it. As soon as I can, I will be leaving Three

@cacronin @Will3001 there are some account types that have limited access to My3 and are unable to view bills at the moment. I don't have a timeframe for when this will be fully available again. Let me check if you fall into this category. ( going by your post, it seems you are but best to double-check)  Please, send me a PM with your full name, billing address and date of birth so that I can check your account. If you have a business or corporate account, I'll also need to know the registered email. 


I already know i fall into this category, I;ve known for the last 4 months. Its a rediculous situation. There was a perfectly good interface working which was replaced. Why not go back to that.


Please dont placte me or indeed the other users who are fed up with this with apologies or excuses orthe standard responses. We all simply want it fixed. 





@Will3001 I'm sorry about the delayed response, Deborah is out of the office.


I totally understand that this is an inconvenience, not only to you but others in this category. Your feedback is important to us and it duly noted. 


The relevant teams are aware of what you're experiencing. We don't have a confirmed timeframe when My3 will be fully functional, however, once we receive a further update a Mod will update you here.


Thank you for your patience.