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Corporate/Business Customers and My3

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Corporate/Business Customers and My3

Hello Community,


We have a wide range of members taking part in your Community these days ðŸ’ª Some of you Bill Pay, Prepay, consumer accounts, and corporate/business accounts. We hear you all.


This is a board for those of you with corporate, accounts through work or businesses all sorts. Feel free to reach out to other members below by clicking on "reply".


Remember, for something related to your specific account, please PM one of your Community Mods 😊




I am unable to log in to My3 to view and print my Oct 2019 for the last 2 days. When will it be possible to log into my3? 

@VincentMulvey Hi there, we're aware that some customers are having difficulty logging into their My3 account. Do not fear, I'm here to help you out. Can you send me a PM with your number, address and date of birth so that I can access your billing? Oh, by the way, welcome to the Community. I'm sure you'll find lots of useful info here ðŸ’ª 

My bill is overdue and i am un-able to make online payment!!



I'm trying to make a payment online as I have done numerous times before.....An 'error' notice or 'something wrong' keeps popping up...Whats the issue?

@gerard1 wrote:

My bill is overdue and i am un-able to make online payment!!




@gerard1 @Michael2 Hello to you both. Have you since been able to make payment online? Do let me know. If you are still unable to process your payment, can you log out of your My3, clear your browser history, log in again and try put through the payment? If this doesn't help, can you send me your details ( number, full name, address and date of birth). Thanks 

Hi....I phoned up 'Three' & made an automated payment.Job done.



I can't get into the view bills screen. It keeps putting me into a screen that says TOP USED ALLOWANCES.

I've tried different browsers, and cleared history etc.


Can anyone advise what to do?


@healyman Hello there, have you been able to access your bills since? Are you using your My3 app or logging in online? Let me know.


I can't download the October bill?