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Huawei B525 Router External Antenna


Huawei B525 Router External Antenna

Hi , I have a Huaweii B525 Router, I was wondering about an external Antenna.

I followed the instructions and put one outside high up on the side of the house.

It is a Poynting AXPOL-0001it has been working and getting speeds of approx 14Download and 7Upload.

It has now stopped working and we put the Router Antennas back on and we are now getting 16Download and 25Upload.

My question is: Is there a better Antenna that I could use, We are rural (Offaly) and I can put it on the roof, but I've no idea if it's pointing in the right direction? or it is the Router that is supposed to be pointing in a better position? Like should I be looking for a signal? or shold i be changing settings on my Pc, I am not very technical.

Router is on a window sill with no interference around or near it.


Any help appreciated.

Thank you,


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Re: Huawei B525 Router External Antenna

@Ray Hello there, if I understand you correctly, you seem to be getting good speeds without the external antenna. At Three, we supply internal WIFI extenders 👉 click here which help to even the signal throughout your home. From what you are saying your router is in the optimal place to pick up the signal from the nearby mast. Have you had a look at this improve your broadband signal ?