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Multiple logins


Multiple logins

Hi 3Community


I've a few services that I use - My3 and 3Plus for example and both require different usernames and passwords.  Any chance of a single login option to all?   Too many passwords, so little time haha! 


Yes! This would be very useful. Maybe even put them in one app? I thought Three would have done this last year when they "upgraded" My3.

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Hi there, thanks for the suggestion and we will certainly take this to the relevant team for consideration. I’ll come back here and change the status as I get updates 👍




Its probably due to the fact that you can have multiple plans (numbers) under the one account now with Three and its easier for them to use the mobile number to log into 3Plus than it is to have some some of other way using other email addresses for each number.

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Status changed to: Accepted

@Leah_McM @pizzahead77 @cillob74 Great news! Our teams have confirmed that they are looking at making this a possibility in the future so I've updated the status here to 'Accepted'. I don't have a timeframe yet but we will update you here once we know more 👍



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That's great @Three_Laur looking forward to hearing more about it soon 🙂