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€2 Daily Pass for Legacy Plans

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€2 Daily Pass for Legacy Plans

Hello 3Community,


We have some customers who are on legacy plans that do not include All You Can Eat Data. When data usage is detected the €2 Daily Pass is activated. This €2 is for usage of up to 200MB per day and usage over 200MB is charged at €1.01 per MB. 


Here on 3Community our members have switched off mobile data and followed the checklist below;

1: All mobile data off

2: Wifi Assist and iCloud and Google sync/similar is off

4: Push notifications are switched off

5: GPS location switched off

6: No MMS sent or received

7: No long SMS ( wrapped to MMS send/receive)

8: Automatic updates switched off

9: Turn off background app refresh

10: No external devices linked to your phone ( MiBand, FitBit, Smartwatch)

11: No subscription text that contains bitly links

If you have received notification of this charge, let us know the time, date, and amount of data used, along with the type of phone you are using. Please comment below.



3 Community Admin

@GVaira Hello 👋 I've moved your post over here so you can have a read through this thread, especially the checklist at the beginning. Be sure to pop me a PM also with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth so I can access your account 👌


@Izzybusy12 Hi there, welcome to 3Community. Are you receiving €2 daily data charges? I've moved your post over here, take a look through this thread and the checklist at the beginning and let me know if any of those points apply to you 👍



cancelled daypass two days ago. message now that daypass activated. mobile has not been used outside my house in period. my balance has been reduced by €2.00

same has happened a few times recently and my account has been debited €2.00 each time --

@May2021 Hello there. When you say you cancelled the day pass, how was that done? The more info I have the better. Was mobile data removed from your account? If so, let me know your phone number, full name, address and date of birth by PM so I can check it out 👍



What it is the point or benefit of this feature when nobody wants it?? It's a nuisance, and it's robbery.
You don't want data, but it's cheaper than 2euros a day for literally nothing at all.

@2handsinthetill Hi there, many customers use the €2 daily charge option to pay for their data as it's a great option if you don't have unlimited data. Are you being charged for this and not accessing data? Let me know. 



Yes, I never use this feature. I've had nearly 20euro taken off me over last 2 weeks, just because I have not added data-which I do when I really need to.

I have not used 1mb of it.

@2handsinthetill Have you run through the checklist above? Pop me a PM with your details so I can access your account also. 




DayPass charge

12 Aug.








Phone is a Samsung A21s