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Can't schedule topup


Can't schedule topup

I've tried with Chrome and Firefox. After I click [Create] on the Scheduled Top Up screen it just reloads the screen. There's no error message and the top up doesn't appear to be scheduled.

3 Community Admin

@Giggs Ok, thanks for confirming. Let's take a look at your account, send me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth.



Case closed, but not fixed. Still can`t schedule top up.

3 Community Admin

@Giggs Good morning. Thanks for letting me know. I've taken a look and I see the update is that you haven't successfully registered on Mi-Pay yet and this is what's blocking the scheduled top-ups. To register, simply log into My3, save your card details and apply a one-off top up there. Once this completes you'll be registered and can then schedule your future top-ups 👍



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Hi, i am having the same issue can you please help me?

@juliohermaling Hi there and welcome to 3Community. Have you registered your card and done a one time to-up? See @Three_Laur accepted solution. Let me know





I tried what you are suggesting and it doesnt resolve my issue. I doesnt matter how many times I try, the information is not saved in the system.


Can you please dive deep on this? I already spent several hours on this without a solution.



@juliohermaling I'll sure have a look at this for you but please know that if we log this with our tech department it can take several days to resolve. Have you ever top-up with your card through 1913 or Instant top-up? 



I did that too as an agent advised to me. The card details were saved for instant top ups through the website and the app, but nothing happend when I try to schedule the recurrent top up.

@juliohermaling okay, the next thing to here is open an investigation with our tech team if this hasn't been done already. To get this rolling, send me a PM with your details - full name, number, address and date of birth. I'll keep an eye out for you.