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Cancel Plan Change


Cancel Plan Change

Hi there,
I just changed my prepay plan to the new 3 Prepay 20 plan.
I would like to cancel this change and return to my old plan.

This happened to me a few weeks ago. Wasted several hours on support chats where I was told it would be resolved & to wait x business days for a follow up, after which there was no follow up.
When I contacted support again I was then told the opposite and that I'd be stuck with the new plan. They then tried to argue with me about consumer law. Burning through the last of my excess credit now.

I've ordered a GoMo sim and won't be looking back 🖖

@killthewiseone Hi there, I'm sorry to see you leave 😢 If you want to give Three another chance, why don't you send your details to us in PM, that way I can check your account and see what we can do here.


@Three_Deborah thanks Deborah, I appreciate your response but I'm afraid I'm already committed to a new sim plan for myself & my family. And it's largely down to the customer experience because the new prepay plan alone is not cause to leave the network.

But its obvious from my experience and the many others on this thread and elsewhere that the "deal" is not making it clear to existing customers what they are signing up for/signing away.

Then being given conflicting info on multiple support sessions, receiving no follow up and waiting weeks on a time sensitive issue to ultimately be told there is nothing that can be done about it...

Only to find out that if I had been browsing the forums instead of using the official support channels, perhaps something maybe could have been done about it after all just makes it all the more frustrating!

Just detailing my experience here to hopefully save someone else a headache.


@killthewiseone We always welcome feedback on 3Community and we make sure it finds its way to the relevant team. Of course, I'm unhappy to hear about your experiences and I'd have loved to turn it around.


Maybe in the future, you'll come back to us on the Three network and the 3Community 😊 Feel free to drop me a PM when the time comes.


Could you please help me revert back to my old plan too. I havnt been able to access my voice mails since I changed because it would mean paying for extra credit. This part of the plan is so frustrating. I would really appreciate if you help me with this.

@Holly-AmberGP Hi there 👋 I'm guessing that your previous plan is now a legacy plan which can't be reapplied. Pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth and I'll certainly check it out for you 👍



Hi there. I was wondering if there is *any* way at all to get back on a legacy plan???? I changed plan for free calls unaware that I could not switch back to my old €20 plan. I would never have swapped plans in the first place if I knew this plan was unavailable as it reads the exact same on the website and hides the fact that you can't keep your credit

@Donoha24 Hello there, I can't make any promises but do send us a PM with your full name, number, address and date of birth. that way I'll be able to access your account and have a look 👌


Hi there, I am in the exact same situation - i'd really like to be back on my old plan, I only realised the difference this week. Could I please revert back to my old plan too?

@Brianreilly Hi there 👋 Were you also on a legacy plan as these are no longer available to apply? Let me know by PM your phone number, full name, address and date of birth. I can then gain access to your account and check your previous plan 👍