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Credit Expiry from December 2020 clarification


Credit Expiry from December 2020 clarification

I received this text earlier today:


From Three. CONTRACT CHANGE - Please note, effective from 1 December 2020, top up credit will expire after 180 days. Any unused credit will expire after this time unless another top up is applied to extend the expiration date by another 180 days. If you don't accept this change, you have the right to cancel your prepay service within 30 days of this notice without penalty on or before 23 November 2020. Find out more on this change and how to cancel see


I'm on the Prepay Golden Sim plan, active since the O2 days, I'm assuming it is classed as a BeFree plan with regards to this post?

If so, and I refuse to accept the term changes regarding the credit expiry, can I request a refund of my existing credit? How would I arrange this?


Thanks, Deborah. Please quote the European legislation you're referring to so I can check it out. As far as I know, the EU previously ruled in the other direction - no operators can forfeit customers' credit, whatever the reason or timeframe. I may then have to bring it up with Comreg again, and, frankly, I'm tired of solving all Three issues exclusively this way.

Any response from a Three representative? Is this change enforced or reversed? I see no modifications to my expiry dates online and no special notes, and it's already past December 1st. If this remains as is, no further action is required. If you do plan to purge customers' credit after 6 months and refuse to refund it, we'll go to Comreg. Thanks.

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@two Sorry there, I had thought I included the link to all the information regarding these changes in my last post. The link you need is this 👉 click here . It also includes contact information for you 👍 


Deborah, please answer my question. There is no change to my credit expiry online after the advertised cut-off date of December 1st.

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@two Hi there, I've checked this out for you and the relevant team are in the process of updating accounts, you'll see the dates changing soon 👍


My account updated today. One cent promotional credit was added and I now have a credit expiry for June 2021.

@muffinhead Thanks for posting and letting us know, it's much appreciated 👍