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How to Top Up

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How to Top Up


We’ve listed all the ways you can top up (buy credit) below. Don’t forget – you can check your credit balance at any time by checking your My3 account, or texting BALANCE to 50272. 


You must top up every 28 days to keep your plan benefits. For example, if you have moved to our 3 Prepay 20 plan, a €20 top up is required to activate your plan benefits (unlimited texts, unlimited Three calls, All You Can Eat data and more). Your account will then be debited €20 to activate your plan.


Please note:

  • If you top up by your required amount before 28 days is up, your plan will re-activate and your remaining allowances at the time of top-up will not carry forward.
  • After topping up, your credit will be valid for 180 days. After 180 days, the credit will expire.


Instant Top Up

The quickest way to top up is by using our Instant Top Up service. All you need is your phone number and a debit/credit card.



You can top up easily by logging into your My3 account or using our My3 app. You can also set up a scheduled top up on your My3 account, which means you’ll never be stuck for credit.



Dial 1744 from your Three phone and follow the instructions to top up.



If you’ve registered a card with us previously, just text TOPUP, the amount you want to top up by, and the last 4 numbers of your registered card to 50406 (e.g. TOPUP 20 1234).



You can purchase a Three top up voucher from your nearest Three store, or from a range of retail outlets throughout Ireland. You can then use your voucher to top up by logging into My3, calling us on 1744 or texting TOP UP and the voucher code to 50272.



If you’re a banking customer of AIB or Bank of Ireland, you can top up your Three phone via your online banking service.



Three Ireland has become the first mobile operator in the world to offer a voice activated top up service through Amazon’s Alexa. This unique skill is exclusively available to Three Ireland Prepay customers and now makes it even easier to top up your Three Prepay account.


To top up via Alexa, follow the below steps:

  1. Start by adding the Three Top Up skill to your Alexa enabled device and linking your My3 account.
  2. Now try saying “Alexa, ask My3 to top me up.”
  3. Alexa will then ask you what card you want to use. Reply “Use my default card.”
  4. Alexa will ask you how much you’d like to top up by. Tell Alexa your desired top up amount, for example “€20”.
  5. Next Alexa will call out your card details to confirm and ask if you wish to proceed.
  6. Reply “Yes” if you wish to proceed or “No” to cancel the transaction.
  7. If you reply with “Yes” then Alexa will confirm by saying “Thank you, your transaction was successful”. That's it!


Having issues topping up? Click here.