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How to update credit card details?


How to update credit card details?

My credit card expires at the end of the month.  Got a message to tell me to update my details.  Can't find anywhere to do this?  Any ideas?  I'm pre-pay.

3 Community Manager

@Lilybarlean Hello there, have you searched your Community for the answer? You'll need to log into My3 and "edit" your card details. Let me know how you get on 👍 


How do i cancel a scheduled top up? there is no option on my3 ?



This is like the third secret of Fatima!


You can't change the credit card details in 'My3' app.  I can't find how to do it on the website either.  I can change my personal details but nothing else.  How do I edit these details?  Someone in the community page suggested selecting the 'topping up' picture and going to 'payment cards management' but I can't find that either!


Please help, I'm driven demented!


We can't have you driven demented 😨 Can you log in, and on your dashboard click on "Top Up" below your balance. Then you'll see "Topping Up", "Manage Card" and others. Select "Manage Cards" and it will show you your existing cards with an option to "edit" 👍



@Lisaw are you logging in via your App or here? You'll find what you need in both 😊 I've also moved your post to this board, as your question is similar to @Lilybarlean 


App 👉 log in, you'll see your allowances and at the bottom of your screen the first icon on your left is "Top Up". Select this and then "scheduled top-up", scroll down to "existing paments" and delete.

Website 👉 Log in, you'll see your full dashboard, on the top left under your name and account number, you'll see "scheduled top-up". Select this, then "topping-up", select " scheduled top-up" there, scroll down to  "existing paments" and delete.


Let me know if this helped you 👍 



That doesn't work! When I select 'scheduled top up' it takes me to a page
that says 'some of the things you can do with my3'. I keep going round in

Totally fed up with this now.

@Lilybarlean Is that on both the App and the website? Can you send a screenshot here of what you're seeing? Make sure that your account number isn't visible in the screenshot. If you are using the App, what type of phone do you have? 



[image: image.png]
Here you go. It's the same on the app.

@Lilybarlean thanks for doing that, however, the image isn't showing correctly. Did you copy and paste it in or use the "photo" upload here? Can you send me a PM of the screenshot, using the upload feature and include your details 👉 full name, number, address and date of birth. Thanks