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Top up not applied using AIB app


Top up not applied using AIB app

Hi there. I tried topping up my credit this morning using the My3 app. The app claimed the top up failed, however, the transaction is pending on my AIB bank app.

I got my wife to top up my credit again later on using her online banking app. The €20 top up was taken from the account but was never applied to my phone. Can this be resolved as soon as possible please?


Well mine still isn't showing as credited to me Three account- not impressed


Hi all,

thanks for sharing your experiences here. In general, failed transactions, ones that leave your bank account, and don't reach us, get turned around and back to your bank account. This normally takes 7 working days. If you'd like me to check this out for you and haven't done so already, please send me a PM with your full name, number, address, and date of birth. 


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Hi Deborah,


I am experiencing the same issue as well. I made a top-up on the 26th of June as well and it failed but the payment was not listed under pending but completed. I have also approached all of Three's customer services support but they did nothing to help at all. I am growing extremely frustrated now and I need a solution to get my refund back. 


Thank you.

3 Community Admin

Hi all, I've linked in with our tech team and if your top-up transaction was affected by the issues on Friday, this credit has been applied to your account. Can you all check your balance to check this? 


@HeatherKing Ops! you posted your details publicly, so I've removed them. Can you please send me your details via PM? @Hui has your top-up been applied to your phone? 

My top up has still NOT been credited to my Three account
Heather King

@HeatherKing I'd really like to look into this for you and to do so, you need to send me your details in PM 👍 I had to delete your details here, as this is a public forum, everyone could see your account info.  

Hi Deborah,


I just checked it upon receiving your response but unfortunately, the credit still hadn't been applied. The customer service also stopped responding to my email after having to request me to send my bank statement for further investigation. I hope this issue will be resolved as soon as possible as I would like to be able to access the unlimited data service soon.




3 Community Admin

@Hui Why don't you pop me a PM with your account details. That will give me the chance to check your account here and I'll have visibility of top-ups that have applied to your account. Plus, if needed, I'll link in with our Prepay Top-Up team on your behalf 👌


This is the same for anybody on this board. I'll certainly post general info here, but anything directly related to your account, please do send a PM 😊

What is a PM and how do I do this?