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Unable to port number

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Unable to port number

I’m trying to purchase a new bill phone online but when I opt to keep my number, it says that my number can not be ported.
Grateful for any assistance or advice. Thanks!
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@Loneill017 I'll do my best to help you with this one. Are you Prepay on our network too? Send me your details please. I'll need your full name, address and date of birth, plus your two numbers. The one you want to keep and the temporary one 👍

Hi Deborah, 

I have sent the details requested to you in a private message. I am a bill pay customer. 




Hi Deborah,


I am actually having the same problem here. Would it be possible to get some help please?


I can send the old and new numbers.


Thank you! 

@cunningham1989 are you moving your 3 prepay number to a 3 billpay account? If so, did you do this via your My3 app? When you order a new Billpay account directly from the online shop it creates a new number. But when it's done via My3 your number is moved automatically. Let me know how you placed the order and we'll go from there.


Thank you for your reply Deborah. Much appreciated! 


We moved my Fiances Three prepay phone and added it to my bill pay account to create a family account. We received the new phone and sim card and would like change that new number to her old one. I hope that makes sense?


Thank you!

I meant to say we did this on the phone to one of your colleagues. Thank you!

@cunningham1989 Pop me a PM with your phone numbers (the new one and the one you want to keep) along with your full name, address and date of birth and I'll be happy to take a look 💪