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credit dissapearing although my phone# is on "3 Prepay 20"


credit dissapearing although my phone# is on "3 Prepay 20"

Hi Guys,


can someone have a look at this ASAP please?

I have topped up 10€ to activate "3 Prepay 20" on 30Aug, it seemed to be activated properly according to My3 website then last thursday I got greeted with info that i have no credit. I just topped up 10€ again just now, to test made one little call which was charged 0.47€ (shouldn't be at all!) and suddenly my credit is down again...this time to 3.47€ I am not subscribed to any nonsense, don't pay for apps from credit etc, this should not be happening at all.


My phone: can be found in my3 profile.




3 Community Manager

@Bodo Hi there, on this plan when you top-up by €20 or with the half-price offer of €10, the top-up is deducted to activate the plan. This will happen every time you top-up by the required amount. Have a look at our 3MadeEasy blog click here 

Can you tell me if you had any credit on your account before you topped-up on the 30th?


No i didn't have any balance before, however couple of things:
- even that blog below says credit will remain on my account and not be
burned during activation of the service
- i saw credit burned after i made a phone call
- it wasn't straight 10€ ...
- under allowances i see none, but there should be some right?
- looks to me plan doesn't activate properly when topping up by 10€
- and there are further errors when credit balance is incorrectly used

Rgds, b

3 Community Manager

@Bodo Thanks for getting back to me with that detail 😊 At the top of the blog, under the info about the new suite of plans it mentions "When you top up, this credit buys your plan". however I get your point because towards the end it talks about credit expiring for legacy plans. I'll update it to make it clearer 👍


You mentioned in your original post that it seemed that your plan was activated by your €10 top-up. Let's double-check this for you in a moment. First, this half-price offer has t/c's for topping up, so you need to top -up through My3, our online instant top-up or through a scheduled top-up. This means if you use a banking top-up, lets say AIB or BOI, a text top-up or top-up through 1913, the plan won't kick in. When there is no plan activated, your credit can be used up quite quickly on data connection. Remember, it's €1.01 per MB when the plan isn't in place.


Can you see any data charges on your account via My3?


thx. that's quite sneaky what you guys are doing...i think it might be doing you (three) more damage than good (i will probably switch in next few days), hope you can pass that feedback to sales/marketing... am I right to think I basically lost 20€, correct? I couldn't see any info that bank topups are not-allowed and being longterm (on-off, but still) user was just used to doing topups this way and found this form simply the most secure and convenient. 


i liked the old "all you can eat" promotion a lot better so I will ask:

are there any "all you can eat" offers that could be still activated with bank topup?

are there any "all you can eat" offers where credit is kept and not burned to activate the offer every month?



I'm sorry you feel that way 😔 Our t&c's are clearly displayed on our website. Here's the link to the one regarding the half-price offer 👉click here

"Plan activation top-ups on My3, instant top up and scheduled online top-up only and offer excludes other top-up amounts and top-up channels. Prepay 20 and Prepay 30 plans only. Standard plan top-up amounts apply after 31st October 2020."


Both the plans mentioned here are All You Can Eat data plans that, of course, you can activate with a bank top-up, but the half-price offer will not apply through this method. Our legacy 3Prepay plan is no longer available. But why don't you send me a PM with your full details: name, number, address and date of birth so that I can check your top-ups.