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Setting up My3 on a DualSIM phone

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Setting up My3 on a DualSIM phone

I'm out of he country at the moment, so I have my Three SIM in the 2nd slot of a Dual SIM phone. I get regular Texts from Three telling me about roaming rates abroad, so I know that Three can send me automated texts, but I'm not getting the Security codes when I try to log in to send a WebText, so I thought I'd try the My3 app, to see if that would help, but apparently it wasn't designed for Dual SIM phones, because it doesn't see my Three SIM, and I can't set the app up.

Any suggestions? I'd rather not carry two phones to keep access to my Irish number while I'm out of the country.

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Hi @EastN Have you tried switching the SIM's around and using the Three SIM card in the main slot? Where did you buy your phone from? 

Before I waste half an hour looking for a SIM removal tool, removing my phone case, going through the fiddly process of taking out the Nano SIMs and swapping them, and reconfuring the settings so that I don't get charged €5/mB for data, I'd kinda like to know if the App will work once it has been setup and I switch my 3 SIM back to the second position, or if it will all be a complete waste of time and effort, and cost me even more in inadvertent data usage.

The phone is a Factory unlocked Samsung A30.

The text with the login code for Web text eventually arrived - 11 hours later.

The codes can take up to 24 hours to be sent out. Glad you got the login code. In relation to the My3 app itself, it'll work no matter what slot you have the SIM in. 

Seriously? You do know that the website will time you out after 15 minutes, and you think it's OK to take up to 24 hours to send out a login code?


Imagine using 2-factor authentication to do online-banking if your bank took 24-hours to send out the authentication code every time you tried to login to pay a bill, and then rejected your login because the code is only valid for a few minutes.


Seriously, this sort of mickey mouse operation might have been understandable in 1999, but this is 2019 folks, it's really not that hard to send SMS messages instantaneously.


(Customers must connect to the wifi hotspot in the Three staff canteen between 11:15 and 11:45 on the first Thursday of odd numbered months to avail of this offer)


Seriously that's what this is - I'm entitled to 500 webtexts a month, but I can't use them because I have to verify that I have my phone with me by entering the code that you text to my phone, but you won't send me the code in a timely fashion, so you won't give me access to the Webtext portal. It wouldn't be quite so bad if I only had to authenticate once a month, or even once a week, but when it was working, you had to authenticate every 15 minutes!!

@EastN are you using a 2-factor authentication for web text? If it's Three that are asking you to authenticate on a regular basis, I'll need to check this out with our tech team. Let me know. 

To quote directly from your own Webtext FAQs - 

Accessing Webtext

You can access our webtext service by visiting

If you are accessing the Webtext from abroad or while using a foreign IP you will be asked to enter a security code which is sent to your phone.


On 3 of the last 4 days I have received an out of date security code within minutes of 9AM Irish time, many hours after I tried to log in to Only once did I receive a response within an hour of trying to log in, and it was already too late.

Do send me a PM and we'll get this sent on to our tech team. I understand your point of view and want to have this as an example. I'll need your full name, address and date of birth. Plus your number. 

This is truly incredible. You need my Name, address and date of birth before you will alert your tech team that the security codes required for accessing the Web text portal aren't being sent out in a timely manner? How about my PPS number, my Iban Details, my favour colour and my car reg?

Our tech team need to access your account to check the delay times and routing of the SMS. Accessing your account requires us to ask you for your account details as security questions. I'll keep an eye out for your PM and we'll go from there 👍