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Most unpopular person!

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Most unpopular person!

Getting the youngsters ready for the BIG return to school was a bit traumatic, but in our household and in @Three_Laur too, we took it as an opportunity to do some spring cleaning. 💪


I’ve got to admit there were a few arguments and near tantrums & tears as to which items should be given to charity or up-cycled. I won’t mention the entangled nightmare of the electronics drawers; old wiring, headphones and chargers 😱 You can imagine I was extremely unpopular for a full day.  


The photo below 👇 is an accurate representation of the result of the very rare but much needed de-clutter.




What about you?

Do you have any decluttering/spring cleaning tips and of course, how to avoid the household drama? As always, let us know below.


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Oh I love to clutter, and dont forget you need to keep the boxes for EVERYTHING !!

And the adapters for items I dont have anymore that may use once in 10 years, I had to relegated them to a box in the shed


That was an amazing clear out !! I have to confess I am more like billbond4 I even have difficulties throwing out the empty boxes 🙈

I’m the worst for throwing anything out! It might be useful.. someday... never! 🤦🏻
My brother bought a new ginormous Tv and gave me his “old, small” 40” Tv minus the remote (cause he’d thrown it out!) Tv too big for our unit.. sits on floor for first day with me trying to set it up! It’s a smart Tv so you can talk to it(in increasingly frustrated manner cause it insisted on subtitles!) it’s now sitting on unit with length of timber under it! 😬 and I finally got the subtitles off!
The point of the story is I don’t throw anything away my brother throws everything away! 😳
Ps anyone got a spare remote control for a Samsung Ue40f..... ?!

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde

I lost the remote for our fire stick downloaded app on phone to act as a remote and works perfect 😉 if all else fails try ebay

What about reusing or upcycling?

The number of earphones found in drawers was ridiculous so they went into the car for use on long trips. Whenever that's going to happen! Some old pots are being used for growing herbs, and look great. We found old curtain poles and repurposed them into a shoe rack. Now I have to say that I always have at least 4 empty shoeboxes tucked away somewhere for "storage". @Donegal-3 


@RainbowRuth an actual photo of what I sent to himself asking " do we need these?" to which he replied "yes". otherwise, I'd send them to you 👌







Yep using an app which works grand except for the annoying ads! 😬

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde

I’ll buy a cheapie universal remote.. the cost of getting proper replacement was over €100! 😬

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde