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Proof of purchase/VAT receipts

3 Community Manager

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 Here are 2 requests we receive from our customers on our community regularly;

  • Proof of purchase
  • VAT receipts

Before I explain what they are and what they're used for I'd like to let you know that only Three employees can provide these documents, in other words, you have to contact Three directly if you're looking for a proof of purchase and/or a VAT receipt.


Proof of Purchase

How can you contact Three, you say? Well, there are a few ways:

• Contact Live Chat   

7am - 12pm 7 days a week
• 1913 or if calling from abroad +35383 333 3333
8am - 8pm Mon-Fri / 8am - 6.30pm Sat & Sun
• Facebook/Twitter
9am - 8pm Mon to Fri / 10am - 6pm Sat & Sun
• 3Community 👍
9am - 8pm Mon-Fri / 10am - 6pm Sat/Sun
(if you have not posted on the 3Community at least once, you will not be able to send a PM until you do).


There might be many reasons why you’d need a Proof of Purchase, some of them being;

  • Insurance claims
  • Unlock codes
  • Repair under warranty
  • Manufacturer competitions
  • For your own personal records.


No matter the reason, we are here to help you.  The information that’s included in the proof of purchase is:

  • Your Name, account number, and mobile number.
  • Your Email (optional)
  • Make and Model of the phone/router
  • IMEI
  • Order date
  • Value of the phone/router
  • VAT amount
  • Account type and status.

To request your proof of purchase, contact Three and once we’ve requested the document, it will take up to 24 hours before you receive it by email.


VAT Receipts

If you need a phone/router receipt For VAT purposes and ss long as the phone/router was purchased by you from Three (Irl) then we'll provide you with it. The VAT receipts exclude your mobile,  account number, account type and status. If this suits you better, get in contact with Three

Top Ups We also provide VAT receipts for your top-up, make sure you have your business VAT number to hand (if applicable). It normally takes 3-5 days before you'll receive either of these by email.