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Not Receiving Some Verification texts


Not Receiving Some Verification texts

I ported over to Three yesterday and for the most part it's going smoothly. 


I'm not receiving some verification texts, I had issues with Revolut and PTSB and Google services in particular. 


Revolut eventually worked, but I ended up needing to use an alternate method for Google and PTSB shows this message.


bank screenshpt.jpg


Any advice as to how to get this working would be appreciated, not knowing if I'll receive a verification text or not is a bit of an issue. 


It seems to be a similar issue to this thread

3 Community Admin

@Tredkey, thanks for sending the above screenshot. Can you let me know what plan you are on and what type of phone you have too? 



I am on Bill Pay 300 and I have an iPhone 13.


I have a separate issue as well now, I attempted to set up a spend limit on my account and now I am unable to access my MyThree page, do I need to create a separate thread for that? 

@Tredkey ideally a separate thread for a separate issue but not today 🙂


Can you send me a PM with your full name, number, address and date of birth please? 



@Tredkey, I see your PM. I'll pop back there shortly 🙂