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Public IP

The question has been asked a number of times and has been open at least a year (possibly more) based on the timestamps of other users.


When will Three allow users who request it, to obtain a non-RFC1918 IP address (ie a public address)?


Please do not link back to this post which is now 6 months old and out of date:


It just states you are aware and working on it, but no updates or feedback.

What is the current status, by when will it be provided? And please update the post.

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@Rabie Hi there. At the moment we don't have an update on this, as soon as we do we will update that post that you linked above. I understand that this is taking longer than originally thought, we're linking in with our tech team regularly and as soon as there is solid news we'll let the Community know.





Hi Three_Laur,


We are all being promised that the Public IP is in the process of getting it ready, however nothing has happend since April/ May 2020!! Maybe it's time to share some more news? As @Rabie said, the post is over 6 months old- how come there is still no resolution/ update on this matter? We- end users that are paying each month for the service (paying the same amount for poorer service in fact)- deserve it.... Perhaps Three run out of IP numbers? There are many people frustrated.

On top, three is capping speeds in the evenings making it impossible to open website- that isn't great service... 


@lj_garet Hi there. I've been on annual leave recently so apologies for the delay getting back to you. I understand the frustration here, this is taking much longer than originally anticipated. I assure you that the team is working on a fix for this and as soon as we have news we will be on to let you all know.





It's been 2 months since my original post and there is still no (absolutely nothing, "we are working in it is just a fob off answer which means no progress is being made) @Three_Deborah has not updated the main post.

What is the problem, give us a proper answer.

Cant you buy more public ip's?

Does it mess with your billing system?

Does it break your IP accounting to track usage?

What is the actual hold up?

What is your proposed timeline to providing those that need it to have access to it?

Certain applications require that I have an internet route-able IP address on my router, if you cannot provide a proper internet connection then you should be offering this service at a discounted rate and offer a partial refund until such time as you can provide a decent solution.

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@Rabie Right now we don't have any further info to update you all on, as soon as we do we will be posting. The problem lay with finding a way to add this option to accounts after a system change. We're continuously linking in with our tech teams who are working on this and are hopeful we'll have a workaround soon.