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Spam calls and possible solution three could implement


Spam calls and possible solution three could implement

Hey so recently getting loads of those spam calls.
Answer and they hang up after 3 seconds.
The normal is to answer deliberately so it costs them money but I guess they are three sims as the spam numbers are 083 so isn’t causing them anything to hassle and con other three customers.

But every phone provider/carrier says they can’t do anything about them but this is just wrong.
You have a high tech call system routing calls and data around the world million of times a year and you mean to say you can’t implement a few simple checks before placing the call onwards to your real customers.

As a developer I know it’s a simple few lines of code and a quick cache check.

How about
If a number is calling out and only lasting 3secs all the time then red flag them. After 3 strikes have a automated system prompt the spam caller to press the number 3 to continue the call out. If not then call is not forwarded onwards.

Just like the CAPTCHA we all see where it tries to tell humans from computers any asking us to select all the images with a bus or enter some text. The idea is done just put it in your call system.

Ok Fine the spammers get smart add some AI voice recognition in a years time.
Then implement your own AI, check if any number is making repeat calls-out ten times a
Minute. Red flags them
Check if call duration is less than 5 secs. Red flag
Check if sim is registered with a valid name and address, if none then red flag them.

So many simple checks you can add here.

We have spam filters for emails because they became a problem and source of crime.

We now have the same with calls. Isn’t it time you protected your customers rather then facilitating criminals

And this goes for all phone companies but you know what I think Three is in a perfect position to show them how it’s done right and show everyone Three is awesome 😎

Been with Three since they came to Ireland as they shook up the old kings here with new pricing and data models.
Wouldn’t it be great if you threw pie in their face again. Do things right for the customers
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@kio Thank you for taking the time to send such a detailed suggestion.


As you know and mentioned above scam calls are becoming more prevalent across many businesses in recent times. We strongly advise all of 3Community members and visitors to be vigilant.


Regarding your suggestion above, we've moved it to our ideas board for consideration. Any idea posted here will be sent to the relevant team, and we will mark it accordingly as it goes through a process. See steps in the image below 👇






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@kio , thanks again for your suggestion, by way of investigation we have spoken to some of our colleagues to see if your ideas could help and have now gathered some extra information.


We understand the assumption that these calls are coming from Three SIM cards in Ireland, but they are not. What we are dealing with here is Phone Number Spoofing, with the calls originating from international locations. The incoming 083 number is randomly generated, and masked in the inbound call to look like a genuine Three number, however it is not.


We will always work to protect customers but for obvious reasons would not publish any details about how we do that. We do recommend that you refer to the following guide <> to secure your account details.



I think if more people mark phone numbers as spam it will cut down on the spam calls

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yes I agree with the Three response it is spoofing and is very easy to do for emails as I'm sure for phone calls.
thats why hotmail and google and everyone else who provides email has steps in place to cut them out of our inbox efficiently.
and I know three might have the same but its a major fraud thing now and should be one of the biggest things hitting the news.

I recently this week got a call from someone I don't know saying he hit redial on a missed call. it was my number he got ad rang back but I didnt make this call out to him.
so I guess the spammers spoofed my number randomly. so you can see where this is a major problem. we cant block all the numbers people report since they aren't really calling from these but should be a check between Irish providers checking if this call originated from them, if so continue if not stop. will only take a extra second to check. like Three_deborah said you cant say what checks you have as then they will figure out a way around them lol. so I'm appreciated it was raised as a issue and you responded.

What will need to happen before this is escalated out of Three's hands and made into a government regulatory matter tho? 
Imagine the President of Ireland getting p***d off by the spam calls, and going to war with them. or a kid or politician being tricked by these spam calls!!
hopefully kids are savvy enough to not answer odd calls.

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thanks @Three_Deborah for getting back. appreciate it and hopefully your secret background operations and checks can put a halt to 99% of these spammers calls and messages.