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How to get your money back


How to get your money back

Hello. I had a problem with my top up tonight. I was trying to top up my fone by card calling 1744 and i hear was not possible to top up and try again later. I tried few times and my answer was the same. Today around 12 i tried again and than its works. The problem is when i went to check out my account balance all this times i tried to top up my fone without success was discount for my account. It was around 180 euros. I want my money back

I have been having similar issues.  I have a 30 euro pre-pay voucher that I have been trying to top-up my phone with for the past two days.  The system is now telling me that the voucher number has already been used - which it hasn't as my account balance is zero.  No credit so no phone/internet service.  Customer care told me to keep trying the voucher number as the system was down - I have not had one issue resolved through customer care in the past few months so I went to the local shop who have previously been great.  The local Three shop sent me back to the shop that I bought the credit from - no use - they checked the CCTV to prove that the voucher came straight from the machine into my hand.  How do I get my money back? 

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@Debora hi there, I've answered your other post over here 


@CBBP You mentioned you're on a €30 Prepay plan, sounds like our new 3Prepay 30 one, which gives you unlimited calls, texts, and All You Can Eat data, plus 30 minutes international calls. When you top-up by €30, this €30 is deducted and the benefits of the plan are applied 👍 Have a look at our 3MadeEasy article about this over here 


Hi Deborah 

Thanks for your reply - I have sent you a PM - the voucher was accepted today?  Must have been a glitch in the system