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Top Up Issues

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Top Up Issues


If you topped up but it hasn't applied to your phone. click here for help.


If you don't know why your credit is being used. click here for information.


For other top up issues, read on:


Topped Up Wrong Number

  • If you topped up the wrong Three number, contact us
  • If you accidentally selected another network by mistake, you'll need to contact that network for help.

Top Up Voucher Issues

  • If you're trying to use a top up voucher and you're getting an error, make sure you are entering the code correctly.
  • Check your balance by texting BALANCE to 50272.
  • If the top up still has not applied, please contact us. 

Online Top Up Issues

  • If you're having issues topping up online, make sure you have entered your card details correctly.
  • If you have registered your card online make sure none of the details have changed. If you have received a new card recently, you'll need to update the details online.
  • If you receive a Transaction Not Authorised error, please contact us.
  • If you receive a Payment Failed error. please contact your bank.


For a list of ways top up, click here.

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Why is my Top Up being used up when it's supposed to be unlimited?