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daily € 2 robbery


daily € 2 robbery

My 10 year old Nokia mobile was never used for internet access.

Recently, my account was being charged €2 each day for data
even though I was not using my phone for internet.


I was not informed of this charge in advance and I consider it
to be stealing because 'three' took credit from my account without my
having been informed in advance and I had never agreed to such charges.

The daily message did not say how to turn off this charge and there was
no way either to do so online.


This is very poor service and a rip-off. I want to have mobile data
disabled entirely on that number!


Since I made my initial post, mobile data has been turned off on my phone. I was charged €2 the next day. I then turned off every possible option in my mobile network settings. However, I'm a still being charged €2 every day. Why am I still being charged? I do not want to block mobile data on my phone as there are times when I require it. 

@Rich Are you sending emojis or MMS from your phone? Have you Wifi-Assist on? If not send me a PM with your number and I can check it out. Thanks'

For everyone having this problem a little update


I have a smart phone set to block all data apart from Wifi and has been for a couple of years and they suddenly,I started getting hit with this charge....I even stopped using emojis when txting just in case, it wouldnt stop.Anyway after a few messages to the mods,The finaly agreed to switch off data on their side so it would worked for a couple of weeks and they did refunded the money they took..BUT guess what its back either they have a major bug in the system or 3 is being run by scam artists...........I sure as hell dont see them accidentally putting moiney into my account.

I have just started having this problem. I only use wifi and never turn on the data service.

The first I knew about the Data being turned on was a text saying I was out of credit.

It had used €14 in 7 days without me ever turning on the Data setting on the phone.


I feel like I have been robbed and would like my credit restored.


 Hi there, can you have a look at this list below? There is also some excellent information given by @Fiona43 and @Firbolg over on another board  click here


1: All mobile data off

2: Wifi Assist and iCloud and Google sync/similar is off

4: Push notifications are switched off

5: GPS location switched off

6: No MMS sent or received

7: No long SMS ( wrapped to MMS send/receive)

8: Automatic updates switched off

9: turn off background app refresh

10: No external devices linked to your phone ( MiBand, FitBit, Smartwatch)



It just happened again. I received a text this morning saying that my 200MB Data Pass was active.

On checking my balance €2 had been taken around 23.30 the night before though I did not receive the notification till around 9.30 this morning.


I checked and my Mobile Data setting was and still is turned off on the phone.


I had worked my way through the list you gave and all of them are either turned off or don't apply.

In any case it is unacceptable to have to turn off multiple features of the phone in order to avoid this.


I went through the previous instances of this data activation, none of which I have requested. It shows that the amounts of data used are very small many times even showing as 0kb.


I phoned 3 Support this morning and the agent has (I hope) turned off all data on my phone number at network level.


If this is caused by a new problem with the Android system, or particular apps updating in the background, it should not be possible for it to get 3 to activate a Data Pass without at least checking with the user and asking for permission to turn Data on, not just doing it and informing me afterwards. 3 have a responsibility here to sort this out.


This has happened before when changing to a new phone or installing a new SIM. Your default setting is to turn Data on with no notification.  It should be to turn it off and ask if it is required to be activated..


I am now €16 down on credit for something I neither asked for or want.


What are you going to do about it.



I would greatly appreciate if i could opt in to get my data blocked, just as you described here. I have been getting charged and I can see on my phone that 0 bytes have been used for months now, data has been consistently turned off and i cannot determine why i would have been charged. 
I'm actively avoiding putting credit in my phone as it is because it's disappearing before I get the chance to actually use it. Please advise what can be done about this. If it is indeed possible to block data usage from your side of things I'd really appreciate that. 

@AaronMcSharry Hello and welcome. I'll look after that for you, pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth so I can access your account and make the necessary changes 💪


will do