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My First Bill After Changing Plans

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Are you on an older Bill Pay plan, either on your phone or broadband? Have you recently changed it or thinking of changing onto our All You Can Eat Data plans or 3Unlimited Broadband? If so, you'll need to know what to expect on your first bill after you change. 


There are two ways that our legacy plans were billed 1: in advance and 2: in arrears.


  • If your old plan was billed in advance, nothing will change on your next bill and your new plan will continue to be billed the same way. Billed in advance simply means you pay for your plan before you use it.


  • If your old plan was billed in arrears, this means you paid for your plan after you used it, your first bill may seem higher than you were expecting. This is because you will be charged for your first month’s line rental on your new plan in advance and the cost of your old plan up until the date you moved onto your new plan. This is reflected on your bill as ‘Total Monthly Charges’.

If you have changed your plan in the middle of your billing cycle, this will also mean your bill may be higher than expected.


Plan changed Mid Cycle- Arrears to Advance Billing

Let’s say your billing period starts on the 27th of the month and you changed plan on the 13th. This means you will be charged in advance, for your new plan. You are also charged for the days used on your new plan. So, you are charged for using the plan from the 13th until the 27th, when your billing cycle starts again. As your old plan was billed in arrears you are also charged for the days used on the old plan. These all appear on your bill in “Total Monthly Charges”. See the image below for more help 👍




Plan changed Mid Cycle- Advance Billing

So you have changed bill mid cycle but your new and old plan both are paid before you use it ( billed in advance) Again, let’s say your billing period starts on the 9th of the month and your plan was changed on the 2nd. This means is there is a charge on your bill for your new price plan. You are also charged for using the old plan from the 9th until the 2nd, when your billing cycle starts again. As your old plan was billed in advance you will see a monthly service credit for €X on your next bill. This credit is given to you for the days not used on your old plan. The below image is what you will see 👍 Although the plan name might be different.


Billing Image (1).JPG


As always, if you have any questions search your Community or start a new topic 


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I joined 3 in April and have already had my fair share of issues relating to joining the company and receiving my iPhone.
Now; I just got notified that my bill is 277€, and I’m being charged 76€ altogether because I am owed a 199€ euro refund for a phone order that was cancelled.
Can someone please explain to me why my monthly bill is 277€ instead of the 45/month I signed up for? I was owed a refund of 199€ for a cancelled order that I’ve been waiting over a month for and haven’t received yet. And now I’m being charged 161€ one time charge for an iPhone 11 which I have already paid for. 
Also, when replying can you supply a number that I can use to speak to someone about this as email response is very slow and I can’t sort this issue online or through the 1913 number as I am not given the option to speak to an agent.
As a new customer I have had nothing but issues with 3, and I simply will be unable to pay a 277€ charge that is clearly incorrect.