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All About: Prepay Broadband

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Are you thinking of purchasing a new broadband connection? Most of you already know that at Three we have a fantastic mobile broadband plan on Bill Pay. It’s not your only option, and I’m here to tell you all about our Prepay Mobile Broadband plans.


Getting Started

We have a new Prepay Mobile Broadband plan and some legacy plans (no longer available for sale). Why don't you take a look at our fantastic new 30GB Prepay plan today? 👉 click here. You can choose to use your existing modem or router or you can purchase a new Huawei B535, E5577 or E5573. Take a look at our Online Shop.


Our new 28-day plan gives you 30GB of data for €30. The price plan activates itself when you top-up by €30 or more. The €30 is deducted from your credit balance and your 30GB of data is added to your allowance. It's really that simple.


Legacy Prepay Mobile Broadband plans.

Some of you might have a legacy plan that requires an add-on or a pass to activate the data allowance. If so, how you do this has changed slightly. And as always, we're here to help 💪 

Depending on your plan there are up to 5 add-ons or passes to choose from. You can view these by logging into your My3 App, scroll down and select Manage Services. Here you'll the pass available to you. Simply select "add" in pink. The credit will be deducted and the allowance applied to your broadband account. Each add-on or pass lasts for the outlined duration, or until your data is used, whichever comes first. Once you’ve purchased the add-on or pass you’d like you’re good to go 👍 


Topping up

When you 28 days expires you can top-up easily on My3 where you can register your credit or debit card and you can also set up a scheduled top-up. With Instant Top-Up you can top-up yourself or someone else instantly. You don’t have to login or be a 3 customer, all you need are your card details and the number you want to top-up.


Have a look at our Topping Up Made Easy guide for more info on top-up methods. 


Changing Plan

Already on our legacy Prepay plan and want to change to our new 30GB plan? Simply log into My3, select your plan and then ‘Change Plan’.







Have a question? Let us know on our Prepay discussion boards 👉 3Community


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