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How to: Choose a New Phone

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Time to get an upgrade and don’t know where to start? Choosing a phone can be a big decision as these days we’re using our phones for more and more and we’d be lost without them. We’ve put together some tips to help you choose the phone that’s right for you.


To get started, other than calls or texts, you need to ask yourself some basic questions:


  • Do I want internet access?
  • Do I use social media?
  • Do I want to use apps, such as games, maps and organisers?
  • Do I want to make Play Store or App Store purchases?
  • Do I use the camera a lot?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then you’re looking for a smartphone.


So, which smartphone is best for you? Here are the top things to consider:


Operating System

There are 3 different operating systems available at the minute.


  • iOs for Apple iPhones
  • HMS on the latest Huawei’s
  • Google Android on all other smartphones

Already using one and want to stick to it or ready to change things up a bit? Have a think about it, do a little bit of research to figure out which one will work best for you.



Is having a good camera important to you? If yes, let’s take a look at some of the different camera features to consider.





  • Megapixels – the resolution of your photos
  • Sensor – most important feature, produces the image
  • Modes – the different ways to shoot your photos
  • Front camera - anyone for a selfie?

Have a look at our Online Shop and make sure to take note of the above when making your decision because a good camera creates great pics that you can post all over your social media!


Screen Size

Depending on what you’ll be using your phone for, screen size could be an important aspect to consider. If you regularly use your phone for watching movies or TV then a large screen is a must-have. Did you know the Huawei Mate XS 5G has a massive 8 inch screen! Wow!





Storage is another big part of your new phone that you need to think about. Apps, photos, music, file and videos all use up some of your phone’s internal storage. These days you can get internal storage anywhere from 8GB up to 512GB so there’s plenty of range to choose from. Some phones will also have the option of adding additional storage via a memory card.


Battery Life

Ah battery life! A bugbear to many of us. What you need to look out for here is battery size – the bigger the battery, the longer the battery life (thumbs up). Nobody wants their phone to die just as they get on the bus for that hour-long journey home from work! Other things to look into here are wireless charging and fast charging which can be very useful features to have.



Now, let’s get shopping!

Here at Three we offer a wide range of both Prepay and Bill pay smartphones on our Online Shop.


Keep an eye out regularly, as we often offer exclusive online-only deals for our lovely customers. For further info on using our Online Shop and tracking your order have a look at All About: Online Orders 


If you’re a current Three customer and wish to upgrade your phone, check out All About: Upgrading your Bill Pay Phone for info on checking your upgrade eligibility.


If you’d prefer to pick up a new phone at a Three store, you can find your nearest store using our Store Locator.


Also, we’ve mentioned external storage and wireless chargers, don’t forget to have a look at our accessories page for lots of variety on these plus much much more.



Once you’ve received your brand new handset, take a look at our 3MadeEasy section of our Community which has some great blogs to help you set up your new phone and SIM.


And why not search our 24/7 Community for answers to any questions you might have, it’s quite possible you’ll find your answer there 😀