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All About: Online Orders

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Thinking of buying a new phone? Below is some info on ordering online, your delivery options and how to track your phone order (Tip: just click here to track, use your order number without the 'A' at the end).


If you’re looking for your next phone, why not take a look at our OnlineShop 


Please note that due to high demand some deliveries on our most popular handsets are taking longer than normal. If you don't see your order when you track it here then it may not have left our warehouse yet. We'll be in contact should there be any reason why your order isn't shipped within the regular timeframe and you'll also receive an email once it's on the way.


Ordering a Prepay Phone

Prepay phones are great when you're on or signing up to one of our fantastic Prepay price plans. Prepay phones are also ideal if you’re buying a phone as a gift.

Once you’ve chosen which phone you want to purchase from our Prepay phone shop, select your price plan and follow the instructions. All you need to purchase a Prepay phone is your debit or credit card. You'll receive an email confirmation of your order.

Phone Details




Ordering a Bill Pay Phone

The process of ordering a Bill Pay phone online is slightly different to Prepay as it involves setting up a contract with us.

Once you’ve chosen which phone you want to purchase from our Bill Pay phone shop, you can then select one of our Bill Pay plans. Next, you can choose if you want to select any add-ons to your plan and if you want to keep your existing number. Finally, you’ll be brought to our Bill Pay application form.




Once you’ve completed the online application, the information is sent for processing.

If your order is placed before 4pm, we aim to respond within the same day. If you meet our service criteria and payment has been completed you will get an email saying “You’re almost there, please upload your documents”. Please follow the steps in this email.

Once these have been submitted and your order is approved it will be sent to our warehouse for processing.


In some cases, a deposit may be required. The deposit must be paid before the application can be processed and is then applied as a credit to your Three account after your sixth bill, subject to terms and conditions.


From time to time, applications don't meet our service criteria and are unsuccessful.


Keeping Your Number

If you’re moving from another Irish network provider and have an existing number you want to keep, that’s no problem. To bring your number to Three, check out this page.


Where possible, if phone orders are placed before 4pm, we will do our best to ensure next-day delivery**. Delivery within the Republic of Ireland is free of charge.


**Please note: Delivery is stock-dependent. Phones that are in high demand make take longer to be delivered.


SIM only orders take a bit longer, these are generally shipped within 5 working days.


Tracking your Order

Once your phone has shipped you can track it here. You’ll just need to provide your order reference number (if you experience any difficulties here try dropping the ‘A’ from the end of the order number). Remember, it's just a phone order that can be tracked in this way, SIM cards can't be tracked.


Store Pickup

Store Pickup is available on the Delivery Method screen. Simply select the Store Pick Up tab and then select your local store. You'll receive a notification when your order is ready for collection.


If you’re a current Three customer and are interested in upgrading your phone, check out the below blog for lots of info


All About: Upgrading your Bill Pay Phone 


If for some reason you’re not happy with your phone and would like to return it please see our returns policy 👉

over here on our Buying Online FAQs. You'll also receive a returns docket with your order which will give you lots of info. Feel free to send a PM to any of our Community Mods who will be happy to provide you with your returns reference number.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I did not receive a confirmation email for my order. Has the order been successful?

We apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please check both your spam and promotions folders to ensure the email has not gone to one of these. If you still cannot locate the email then please reach out to one of our community managers for support by posting here: Online Order Questions 


  • I have not received my order yet.

Once your order has shipped you can track it here. You’ll just need to provide your order reference number (if you experience any difficulties here try dropping the ‘A’ from the end of the order number).


  • Am I due an upgrade?

You can check if you’re due an upgrade by logging into My3


  • I want to change my price plan.

Simply log into your My3 account to do this.


  • I have ordered a product but I need to change the address it is being sent to. How do I do this?

For security reasons, it’s not possible to change the address after an order has been placed.


  • Can you tell me if a device is in stock?

If you have a look at our online shop you’ll see an out-of-stock tag on phones that aren’t available right now.


  • How do I return an unwanted product?

You will have received a docket with your order with all the returns information. You can also take a look here 


  • Can I change the product I ordered?

We cannot change an order after it has been placed. You can return your order within 14 days if you’re not happy with it.


  • I have ordered a new phone. Can I unlock my current phone?

Sure, have a look here Unlock My Phone 


  • The page froze when making payment ordering my new phone and I’m not sure if the order has been successful.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please reach out to one of our Community Managers for support by posting here: click here 


If you have a question about ordering online, search or ask your Community or contact our Web Messaging team



Hello, I'm trying to upgrade my device. However, when I go to upgrade the prices changes drastically. 

Upgrade cost:



Actual price in the basket:



Why can I not receive the device for the price that was told to me initially?


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@JMA Hi there, from the look of the final pricing it seems that your account is Prepay. Are you buying this fab phone SamsungS21  under Prepay or do you want to change to a BillPay account? If so, have a look at our 3MadeEasy Blog below 👇


All about: Prepay to Bill Pay