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All About: Upgrading your Bill Pay Phone

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Ready for a shiny new phone? Whether it's because you fancy treating yourself to something nice or your current phone is no longer up to scratch an upgrade is always a great option to have available.


If you’re on Bill Pay with Three then it’s possible that you’re due an upgrade and the good news is that we allow all Bill Pay customers to upgrade their phones 90 days before the end of their contract. It’s really easy to check how as well.


On your My3 dashboard, you’ll see your current phone with an Upgrade Device button underneath, click this to find out if you’re due an upgrade.




Looks like I’ve got quite some time to wait, it’s all good though I’ve just recently received my new Huawei P30 Pro in the post 😊


If you’re using the My3 App, tap the 3 dots beside Top Used Allowances and then Check Upgrade




If you are due an upgrade then you’ll be directed to our Online Shop where you can browse all the fantastic phones and plans we have to offer. Take a look at Online Orders and Returns for info on placing your order.


If you’d prefer to pop into your local store to avail of your upgrade our retail colleagues will be more than happy to assist you. Take a look at our Store Locator to find your closest store.


Can’t decide which phone to go for? Take a look at our How to: Choose a New Phone blog for some help and advice on all things Android and Apple.


Points to Note

  • Always ensure that you begin your upgrade journey through My3, if you go directly to the Online Shop and order then this won’t be linked to your existing account. This is really important!
  • If you have insurance and wish to continue it then you’ll need to select a new insurance policy during the order process.
  • All Bill Pay upgrading customers are agreeing to a new 24-month contract from the date their existing contract ends.
  • Don’t forget your accessories! Our Accessory Shop has lots of cool gadgets that you can team up with your new phone to add to the fun and enjoyment 😊


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