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How to Find your Mobile Broadband Number

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Did you know that as a mobile broadband customer the SIM card in your modem or router has its own unique mobile number? It looks like a normal phone number, beginning with 083. Most importantly, your mobile broadband number is needed when registering your modem/router on My3. You’ll also be asked for it when you contact us with an account query, make a bill payment or top-up.


How do you find your number?

There are 5 ways to find your number, let’s take a look:


  • As a BillPay customer, you’ll find your broadband number on your contract. Check your email for a copy of this.
  • If you’re super organised and have the packaging your SIM card came in you’ll see your mobile broadband number printed on the back.




  • Have you got a bill? Take a look at the top section of any of your bills and you’ll see ‘Your Three phone number’




  • Open your modem/router home page  👉  or and login. Next, go to Advanced, System and then Device Information. In here you’ll see ‘My number’



  • The last option is to send your mobile a text message from your router/modem homepage. Please note, that you’ll be charged for a standard SMS as this isn’t included in your plan. Alternatively, pop your SIM into a phone and text MyNumber to 50272 and you’ll receive your number in response.

Do you have some other tips for finding your broadband number? Feel free to pop them in the comments below.


Thanks for reading 😁