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All About: My3 FAQs

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Recently registered on My3 and things not going exactly according to plan? This can happen from time to time so we’ve put together some common queries that we receive on 3Community about My3. Take a look below:


  • I receive an ‘Oops’ message (403 or 500) when I log in.

There are a few steps to take to combat this message.


  • Clear your web history
  • Log out and back in again
  • Try logging in through an Incognito/In Private window

Still receiving this message after checking all the above steps? Contact one of your Mods on 3Community so they can check your account 💪


  • The app is causing me problems.

Let’s make sure you’re using the most up-to-date app first. If you’re using an older version you need to update it ASAP. Take a look at the below article for tips on this -


How to: Update your My3 App 




On Google Play Store, here’s the link you need  👉 click here 

Using iOs? Here you go 👉 click here 


Does your Operating system support this app? The following versions are supported – iOS 8.1 and beyond and Android 4.4 and beyond. If you’re OS is older than these versions, you may need to consider an upgrade.


  • I’m receiving an incorrect username or password message

This one is very easy to rectify – simply click on the Forgotten Password link and reset your password. Your email address will be your username 👍


  • I can log in but cannot view my bills

If you are the main billing account holder then you should have access to view your last 6 months' bills. If not, contact one of your Mods so they can check your access levels.


If you’re the account user and not the owner, then you won’t be able to view the bills unless the account holder updates your access level by contacting us.


  • I need help finding something in particular on my account

We've put together some very handy blogs that will help you navigate your way around My3.


Bill Pay customers check out All About My3 and Bill Pay 

On Prepay? Check out All About My3 and Prepay 


Have another question about My3 that you don’t see the answer to here? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, we love hearing from our members 😁