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All about: Prepay Plan Activation

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From time to time we get questions around Prepay plan activation. So we’ve put this blog together to let you know how to activate your plan and answer some other related questions. The main shout out is : our Prepay plans have a 28-day expiry. Go outside of this without topping up and charges apply to calls, texts and data. Simply top-up by the required minimum amount to get your plan back in action.


3 Prepay 15, 20 and 30

This is our newest and current suite of Prepay plans. You decide which one suits you best depending on what you use your phone for. No matter which one you choose, there are no contracts, no commitments. Just top up by your plan amount every 28 days.

These plans are activated by the required top-up amount in one go. So if you’ve opted in for lets say 3 Prepay 20, when you top-up by a full €20 in one go 👍  In effect you are paying for the plan which means the €20 is deducted and your plan is activated.


Legacy plans

  • 3Pay : The original All You Can Eat Data plan is called 3Pay, with this plan you get Unlimited data, unlimited text to Irish mobiles, unlimited calls to Three customers and 11GB of roaming data. If you have this plan, the minimum required top-up is €20 in one go. Because there is no allowance in this plan to call other networks, these charges are deducted from your balance. Remember that calls to other Irish networks and landlines have a 9 cent set up charge and is 38 cent per minute.
  • BeFree and Essentials: Way back in the day before All You Can Eat data and when Nokia was king with Motorola not far behind, Prepay plans like Essential and BeFree were what we had to offer. These plans require a minimum top-up of €20 to activate and in some cases €10 to €30 is deducted for the allowance. For more info 👉 click here  Now I’m sure there are older legacy plans knocking around, such as Early Bird and Night Owl! But those are well before my time 😎


FAQs on 3Community Prepay board


  • I topped up by €20 and my balance is zero.

Scenario 1 : For 3 Prepay 20, when you have no previous balance and you top-up €20, this is deducted to active your plan resulting in a zero balance. Rest assured; your plan is working.

Scenario 2 : Let’s say you have 3 Prepay 30 as your plan, topping up by €20 will not activate your plan, and if your 28 days have expired more than likely your credit has been depleted by data use. (€1.01 per MB)


  • I topped up by €20 and my plan hasn’t activated ( 3Prepay 20 and legacy plans)

Scenario 1 : Check My3 to see if you topped up by €20 in one go or by two separate €10 top-ups. If it’s the latter, then your plan won’t activate and if your data isn’t switched off, your credit will be depleted on data usage.

Scenario 2 : If you topped up by €20 in one go and you see this in My3, then your plan has activated. You will see your updated allowance in My3 and the expiry date. If you are you calling a number not included in your plan and have zero balance, you will get a notification asking you to top-up. But this doesn’t mean your plan isn’t active.

Scenario 3 : There may be times that there is a delay in plan activation due to internal systems. Reach out to us to check this for you 👌


  • My banking top-up hasn’t activated my plan (via AIB and BOI facilities)

Scenario 1:  From time to time, there can be a delay with banking top-ups and when the credit reaches your Prepay account. If this happens it can take 2-3 working days before your plan is active. If your credit doesn’t show up in your balance, please check you bank account and if your transaction is pending, wait until it’s showing as completed.

Scenario 2:  Your banking top-up transaction is completed and you plan isn’t active. Check My3 for confirmation that the top-up came through and your allowances have updated. If not, double check the number you topped-up.


  • I’ve topped up but I haven’t received a text. Is my plan active?

SMS/Text confirmation of your top-up and/or plan activation might get delayed. The first thing to do here is check your balance. Has your balance increased? If so, your plan is active and if not, reach out to us on our Prepay Help board


  • Other random but useful tips

You can check you Prepay balance by logging into My3 , app or desktop site. Did you know that you can call 1744  to hear your balance or dial 1745 to see your balance displayed on your screen?


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Frequent Visitor

Am on pre-pay 20. Forgot to top up with 28.  Topped up double the amount i.e. 40.00 2 days later and my balance is zero and I cannot make outgoing calls - getting a message to say I do not have enough credit in my account ? 

3 Community Admin

@Bronagh Hello 👋 Anytime you top-up by €20 or more, €20 is deducted for your price plan benefits. Tell me, did you top-up by €40 in one go or €20 twice? If it was €20 twice then the €20 would have been deducted both times and your plan reactivated. If you need extra credit after your plan activation top-up it's best to top up by less than €20 👍


Frequent Visitor
Topped up by €20.00 twice. Does that mean I effectively loose €20.00 by
doing that?
3 Community Admin

@Bronagh Pop me a PM with your details (phone number, full name, address and date of birth) and I'll take a look 👌



I am on the €30 plan. Does that include when I make calls to Voicemail to hear my messages? 

3 Community Admin

@MJF Voicemail calls are outside your plan benefits and are charged at 15c per minute. For usage outside your benefits, it's best to top up by a little bit more when activating your plan 👍



Not applicable



I've topped up 20euros in one go for my phone through the website (normally takes 5min to receive the message), so I thought I might've done something wrong since I haven't received the message after 30min and my balance was on 0. Did it through the phone again and 1h later I havent received any message, however after checking my bank account I do have two pending 20euros transaction.

Does this mean ive lost one 20 euros or is this being used for the next 28days? I still have no service neither??

3 Community Admin

@Mimy Hi there and welcome. Tell me, are these payments still showing as 'Pending' today? Also, have you checked My3 to see if the top-ups have applied to your account? And my last question is - which price plan are you on? If you're on 3 Prepay 20 then €20 is deducted for all the fantastic plan benefits when you top-up by €20 or more. Let me know the answers to these questions to get the ball rolling.



Not applicable

The two transactions are still pending.
I have received the text message from both top ups after several hours.
In my account it says the top up is valid until the 27.05, however the balance is on 0.
My prepay is the 20euros one. I am a bit confused about them extra benefits, are those extra 20euros used until there is no balance or disappear after the 27.05? I would rather prefer to just keep them 20euros for next month's top up rather than benefits.
3 Community Admin

@Mimy Pop me a PM with your phone number, full name, address and date of birth so I can access your account and take a look. It sounds like both top-ups applied successfully so both would have been deducted for plan benefits for 28 days. Once I have your details I can confirm 👍